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Do you really want to spend your time setting up an e-commerce store?

or would you rather spend your time marketing and earning? 


We'll build your e-commerce store and create your products to your specifications...

and we'll do it for CHEAP!  

Wish we could do it for free, but you gotta have some skin in the game.


live chat

Your customers can connect with a CSR immediately by click clicking on bottom right hand corner Chat Window. 




When LIVE CHAT is not available your customer can leave message which will be answered as soon as an operator is available.



We set up your e-commerce store with YOUR branding logo, colors, fonts to match your existing web presence.




We collect and process payments via credit card or paypal and we incur all of the processor fees.


All merchandise pictures and links can be instantly published to social media for advertising.

Drop Shipping

All orders are shipped white label with your branded packing slip via UPS and USPS.

Who does the setup on my ACS (Affiliate Commission Store)?

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available to individuals, influencers, graphic designers, businesses, organizations, sorities, fraternities, bands, teams, clubs and more...

What merchandise can I have on my ACS? 

Merchandise Catalog (will open in a new window)

12 to 50 products with the same design has the highest success rate, more than that starts to overwhelm... 

Both embroidered and printed merchandise is available, however, there is a digitizing fee to set up your design or logo for embroidery.


webstore order catalog

How do my customer place their order?

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We take care of all credit card fees, shipping fees, and sales tax payments and collections.

Sample Affiliate Commission Store

When and how do my customers receive their order?

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Options for UPS and USPS are available at checkout.   Rush options can also be added for a small customer upcharge at checkout.

How long does our ACS stay open?

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We provide URL extension   (store name)   but can also apply a purchased or owned URL

How much commission do I make in an ACS?

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for example the starting commission revenue would be $5 on a product priced at $20 retail.     

Once a store reaches a certain level of sales for three consecutive months they move to the next level of earned commission based on the scale below:


Sales levels needed to reach higher commission levels


30% Commission           


35% Commission 


40% commission

How do I get paid my commission?

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Order, customer, and commission information is available through admin login at any time.    You can elect to receive e-mails when a customer creates an account or order is placed.


Once an order has been paid for, any commissions payable will be held until production and shipping of the order has taken place.       



Commissions become cleared after an order has been shipped and the production time plus the maximum number of delivery days specified for the selected shipping method has lapsed.


Once cleared, commissions are paid at the next payment cycle (on the first day of the month).   *You must have your Pay Pal account information entered or your payment will not take place until the next payment cycle.

How much does it cost to setup my store?

More Info on ACS Setup Pricing

* You can purchase additional product setup, design services, and embroidery digitizing at a later time.  However, it will be more expensive when it is not part of initial setup so we suggest purchasing a bundle if you do not already have a design/logo production ready or digitized for embroidery.


Includes store setup with up to 12 products with same design.  *Must have a production ready design/logo.  


Includes store setup with up to 12 products + design creation/setup, and embroidery digitizing 



Includes store setup with up to 50 products + design creation/setup, and embroidery digitizing 


How do I get started?

Once form is filled out you will be directed to a page where you can choose and purchase a store setup service. 

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each store. 

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