Branded Web Stores

You don't want the hastles of...

  • Building an e-commerce store
  • Finding products
  • Loading products
  • Decorating products
  • Finding suppliers
  • Finding decorators
  • Setting up payment gateways
  • Setting up credit card processors
  • Setting up shipping providers
  • Hiring Employees 

We Build your store | We host your store | We fulfill your orders | We ship your orders

You just hit the jackpot in finding us because we do it all for you!

Launch gorgeous e-commerce stores and ordering portals for your group

Which e-commerce store works best for you?

your deserve branding on your terms

Effective, Efficient and Easy


Wouldn’t you like to just print what you need, when you need it and not have to lock into big print runs to get a reasonable price?

Would you like your printer to actually pay attention to what they’re printing for you, understand your goals and maintain your brand standards?   

TTS is your strategic partner for all your print and installation needs – we make it easy.


live chat

Your customers can connect with a CSR immediately by click clicking on bottom right hand corner Chat Window. 


When LIVE CHAT is not available your customer can leave message which will be answered as soon as an operator is available.


We set up your e-commerce store with YOUR branding logo, colors, fonts to match your existing web presence



We collect and process payments via credit card or paypal and we incur all of the processor fees.


All merchandise pictures and links can be instantly published to social media for advertising.

Drop Shipping

All orders are shipped white label with your branded packing slip via UPS and USPS.

your message is unique

You deserve a branding partner who appreciates and supports your vision.


We match customer needs to custom solutions by creating brand-compliant uniform, promotional and event support programs. Our strategic, tech-forward approach to program management is powered by web-based administrative dashboards that facilitate smooth program engagement, procurement and distribution, thereby maximizing efficiencies.

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a free service for your organization!  We setup | We host | We Fulfill | We Ship...   You tell us what merchandise you want and send us your logo (or we'll create one for you).   No more holding on to employee inventory.   Employees or managers can order through an easy to use online portal using credit card, company reimbursed coupons, gift certificates, or credits.    We set up your store to meet your custom needs.

company employee store

you deserve quality production

with attention to detail and simplification of processess


 Taking quick stock of the why and how of your project will help our team deliver maximum quality and performance of your print initiative.  TTS will bring our print, embroidery and design experience to every project, ensuring your results achieve your goals.  Having a state-of-the-art facility under the same roof as a design team and experienced branding professionals keeps the process loop tight, and ensures a quality result.

earn passive income using your idea, design, or logo...

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We setup & host your store for you... don't waste your time learning and setting up e-commerce, SEO, rankings, payment gateways, credit card processors, shipping providers, and all of the other things associated with a do-it-yourself plan.   All you have to do with our stores is have a design idea or logo and market it.

Affiliate Commission Stores

you deserve the boutique approch

you are not just another number in a sea of mediocrity


Mega print houses may seem like a good idea – low upfront costs are appealing, but you are just another number in that sea of mediocrity.   Print-only houses charge a small fortune for short runs and mandate huge print runs to get reasonable pricing.   TTS offers design support, experienced customer service and installation – all under one roof – and you benefit from the cost savings and flexibility that our boutique approach offers.  Competitive pricing and custom solutions – The Tee Spot Solution.

let them wear their support and earn funds at the same time!

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It's Free, no fees, we do all the work!    All you need to do to earn those much needed funds for your campaign is send your store link to your supporters and market through social media.

Extra Feature:  We can add a countdown to your store showing number days and hours left in your campaign to initiate a selling frenzy.  

You are our top priority

giving you flexibility in schedules and pricing


TTS branding capabilities were born from a desire to better servce our customers.   Having deep experience in print, embroidery, design, and brand awareness, we built our state-of-the-art facility to complement our dedication to providing our customers with a rewarding experience.  We keep tight controls over quality, while providing flexibility in schedules  and pricing - your perfect combination.  Why be one of the masses, when you can be our top priority.   

simplify your team uniforming with easy ordering portals...


uniform ing



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It's Free, no fees, we do all the work!  

Extra Feature:  We can add a countdown to your store showing number days and hours left in your campaign to initiate a selling frenzy.  

Our high quality professional grade  branded apparel and promos delivers the best prices, and custom solutions ensure that your GROUP is properly represented.

Your program is built around YOUR NEEDS – no cookie-cutter solutions.

you deserve a true partnership

with attention to the representation of your brand


TTS lives everywhere your customer engages with your brand.  Your printed expressions need to impact your audiences, whether seen from a distance, or in their hands. TTS is constantly cognizant of the presentation of your message and the representation of your brand – a true partnership.

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