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How does it work?


you (or We)  Design Your merchandise

TTS Design Your Shirt

you promote your Affiliate Commission store 

TTS Promote Your Shirt

We  fill and White Label Dropship your orders


We pay you commission monthly through paypal


Our Promise

Quality Products

Speedy Delivery

Customer Support

Wholesale Pricing

Simple Process

Order Guarantee

How is ITEM Price determined?


The  cost of your items is based on design choices and merchandise selection.  


   We are easy to work with and the service is FREE and there is no up front cost or risk.

You can load your design on any of our catalog merchandise to see what it would look like and cost


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How are customer payments handleD

Each individual selects and purchases their own items in the sizes they need through the online  store.   They can then pay with credit card at checkout.   We handle all credit card fees and processing.    The items are then produced and white label shipped with a packing slip directly to your customer.    

How are COMMISSION payments handleD

on the 15th of each month we will transfer commission from previous month directly to your paypal account.  You must have at least 6 items and a minimum of $100 in sales before commission is transferred.


Commission is the amount of markup from the wholesale price to YOUR retail selling price.   

We suggest starting at 25% and then you can increase or decrease as needed.


Once your store reaches a consecutive 3-month period of salesin one of the ranges below 

we will discount your wholesale price so that you make more commission.  Once the sales level is reached the discount stays permanent even if your sales fall below discount level.


3-consecutive months of sales:

Over $500/month -  5% wholesale discount

Over $1000/month - 10% wholesale discount

Over $1,500/month - 15% wholesale discount

Over $2,000/month - 20% wholesale discount

Over $2,500/month - 25% wholesale discount

Over $3,000/month - 30% wholesale discount

Over $3,5000/month - 35% wholesale discount

Over $4,000/month - 40% wholesale discount

Over $4,500/month - 45% wholesale discount

Over $5,000/month - 50% wholesale discount

What items can we have in OUR Affiliate commission store?

You can  offer masks, hoodies, polos, caps, bags, mugs, tumblers, yard signs and much more....

We can add up to 12 items Free of charge with the same design,

after that a small setup fee of $25 per item will be charged.


how long does the COMMISSION AFFILIATE store stay open?

An AFC (affiliate commission store) can stay open as long as you are getting sales.   We produce the items as they are ordered and ship within two weeks of the order.    Your commission is paid monthly as long as you are receiving sales of 6 items per month.   We suggest purchasing at least 6 items per month yourself so you have items for marketing and advertising.


If you want to sell for a limited time we suggest a Pop-Up Store that is open a specified start and close date.  We can add a counter to your site to let your customers know how long they have to get orders in.

Sample Counter Widget

Do you need a business license or tax id number ?

   We charge and pay sales tax so there is no need to worry with a business license. 

We will send you a 1099 at the end of the calendar year showing commission revenue which you can use to file your income tax.

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