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how does it work?

you (or We)  Design Your EVENT GEAR/Merchandise

TTS Design Your Shirt

you promote your EVENT Ordering  PORTAL STORE

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We  fill and bag your orders individually with packing slips


You pickup as a group or we'll ship (as a group or individually)


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How is ITEM Price determined?


The  cost of your items is based on design choices,  apparel selection, and number of items planned for purchase.  We will work with you to get the best pricing.  We are easy to work with and the service is FREE and there is no up front cost or risk.

You can load your design on any of our catalog merchandise to see what it would look like and cost


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How are payments handleD

Each individual selects and purchases their own items in the sizes they need through the online ordering portal store.    The items are then produced in batch (to save you $$) and bagged individually with a packing slip.     At the time the store is setup we determine if you would like to have your items picked up or shipped as a group or individually.

What items can we have in our Ordering Portal?

You can offer masks, t-shirts, hoodies, polos, caps, bags, mugs, tumblers, yard signs and much more....

We can add up to 12 items Free of charge, after that a small setup fee may be charged.



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how long does the ordering portal store stay open?

 Most find it best to keep the store open for two weeks.    However, it is up to you to determine the amount of time.   *Keep in mind that items will not be produced until the store ends so you don't want to keep your team waiting for their merchandise too long.   We can place a calendar counter on the store to let members know how many days left to order.    Items take no longer than two weeks to produce once store closes.


There are also options for a permanent store where items are produced and shipped within two weeks of order.  This option does not allow for as much bulk discounting since we cannot produce the orders in a batch.

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