Heat Transfer

There are three types of heat transfer methods we use:

1) Full Color Transfer created from a white toner printer

2) Cut Vinyl Transfers

3) Sublimation Transfers (gas process)


What is Full Color Printing?

White Toner Heat Transfer and Sublimation are alternatives to screen print and DTG for low runs.  It is still vivid in color like screen print but does not require a full screen setup.     

How does it work?  A design is printed with a CMYK-W toner laser printer containing powdered plastisol ink.   The design is then transfered and cured onto the garment or substrate.   In some cases a design is printed onto the film and a whole design is transferred, and other times each color is cut and applied separately.  

Pros: Looks like screen print, very vidid in color and easier to run a small  volume.

Cons: Artwork takes time to get setup and production ready, not as long lasting as screen print. Ink and papers are more expensive than screen ink.

Note:  Used for low quantity runs where DTG or Screen Print are not suitable, and name/number blocks on jerseys.

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