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What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is probably what you think of when you think about t-shirt printing because it is the oldest and most traditional form of t-shirt printing.   It is the most cost-effective solution for large custom apparel orders.   


Screen Print Requires a 6 piece minimum due to screen setup restrictions.

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How does it work?  A film positive is used to burn a design into a mesh screen.  A separate design and screen must be created for every color in the design.   The sceens are then loaded on to a manual or automatic press and the ink is pushed through each screen until design is complete.  A large dryer is used to cure the ink and make it permanent.

Pros: screen sets on top of garment so it is very bright and vivid in color, cheaper to produce after initial setup.

Cons: Takes time to get screens ready for production and the setup is usually the most costly part.  A setup fee is usually charged, or a larger cost for a smaller run.

Note:  Used for high quantity runs with minimal colors.  Best Method to use for printing on dark shirts.

Production Time:

Standard - 2 Weeks | 10 Working Days     

3 Day Rush - Upgrade at Checkout

5-Day Rush  - Upgarde at Checkout

*digitizing of new logo might slow down 3-day rush a bit

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