Full Color Digital Transfer

The Tee Spot DTF Sample

The Tee Spot

DTF Sample

What is Full Color Digital Transfer or DTF?

Full Color Digital Transfer is an  alternative to screen print and DTG for low runs.  We use a method called DTF which stands for Digital Transfer Film.  It is still vivid in color like screen print but does not require a full screen setup and it rated for 50 to 100 washings without change.      

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How does DTF Work?

A design is printed with a CMYK-W  Direct to Film Ink.   It is then run through a powder shaker which essentially is putting the powdered glue on the back side.  A heat press is then used  to trasnfer the film onto the garment or substrate.   

what are the pros of DTF?

Looks like screen print, very vidid in color and easier to run a small  volume.   A commercial level DTF printer like those used at The Tee Spot are rated for 50 to 100 washings with no change.

DTF is a great option for low quantity runs where DTG or Screen Print are not suitable and for  and name/number blocks on jerseys.

what are the cons of DTF?


Artwork takes time to get setup and production ready, but not as long lasting as screen print.

Ink and film is more expensive than screen ink.

Some larger bulky design may need to be "rasterize" which puts small lines through it so the ink on the transfer is not so heavy which.   


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DTF Sample
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